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We achieved to attend 176,000 beneficiaries in 2020 thanks to our donors. With your help we know that we can achieve more


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Please call us to the phone numbers: +52 2222886161; 

All donations are tax-deductible for donors who are US taxpayers, and our projects on GlobalGiving.org have been pre-qualified for 501(c)(3) equivalency status

Wire transfer to Bancomer:

CLABE: 012650001019506149.


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Fundación de Beneficencia Privada Banco de Alimentos Cáritas Puebla.


Banco de Alimentos Cáritas Puebla is proudly thankful and recognizes this extraordinary effort of each donor which make possible a difference in others life. As well as we are, they are compromised to achieve a Mexico without hunger.

Our donors help supply food to more than 136 thousand people during 2019.

Reduce nourish poverty is accomplished thanks to the uncountable help of corporations, foundations, and the general public, that generously give their time, economic support and food in order to help us


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