Our mission

Fighting against the poor alimentary conditions of the people in need from the region with a solidarity spirit, by giving trustable food supplies, nutritional education and training for a self-sufficient alimentary nourishment.

Thousands of food tons are wasted in Puebla each year, and at the same time one million eight hundred thousand Poblanos don’t have enough food to eat. In Banco de Alimentos Puebla we collect, select and distribute food from farmers, manufacturers, and retailers, 100% edible for helping people facing hunger. This is accomplished through the mutual cooperation from all society sectors (Government, enterprises and citizens).

The donated food is mainly obtained from: farmers, convenience stores, manufacturers, consumers and other sources. This food that could be wasted, by being donated becomes available for the people with food insecurity.

Banco de Alimentos Puebla supports, through multiple programs , Institutions, convents, dining halls, rehabilitation centers, parishes, communities, subsidies and others.

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